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BF 3 Latest Updates

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BF 3 Latest Updates

Post  =BF2G= Ultimitmaleuk on Wed 29 Oct 2008, 9:36 am


Total Battlefield recently had the chance to speak with Gordon Van
Dyke, Associate Producer at DICE, to ask him some questions our members
had submitted regarding Battlefield: Bad Company. Several of these
questions were things the DICE team had not thought of so, to our
members, feel proud when you start playing Karkand on the PS3 or 360.


TBF: Battlefield was traditionally a PC franchise and a lot of BF Fans
really feel left out. Well we be seeing a PC version of Bad Company?

GVD: Thereís no plans for Bad Company to go onto PC. For the avid fans
they mightíve caught in July I think it was, our Executive Producer Ben
Cousins mentioned that there were other projects in the works and that we havenít forgot about the hardcore PC group. Thatís about all I can say.

TBF: I know it might be hard for you to comment, but some members were
wondering if Bad Company was being used as a test bed for BF3.

GVD: No, Bad Company is not being used as a test bed for anything. And, there is no BF3, thatís just a rumor.
But itís not a test bed for anything. It was more of picking at the
next level for the console area. DICE is a very large studio so when
there is one project in the works it doesnít mean that everything shuts
down for the rest of the company. There are different teams working on
different projects (Including Heroes, Mirrorís Edge, and so on).


TBF: As you were saying, many of our members are hardcore PC gamers who
are all just curious about the rumored BF3 but I can understand why you
canít say anything.

GVD: I came from playing Battlefield on the PC but now thatís not my
area. I think that people should just be patient. Like itís been
mentioned by several of the senior guys over at DICE is that we havenít forgot the hardcore PC gamer. So, donít worry.

To the hardcore guys - Patience. Thatís all I can say.


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Re: BF 3 Latest Updates

Post  =BF2G= StoneAnomally on Sat 01 Nov 2008, 6:56 pm

Suspect I don`t BELIEVE it. No BF3? , Fuck this, if console games are taking over i might as well bugger off. Given the world known fact that PS3 and Xbox connection speeds are kept at 1500/256 and the servers are crapy and full of lag, and i mean 3 second frame jumps, i think my grandmother could move faster and she`s dead.

Thanks Dice, you stuffed another chance to make big money, why don`t you knobs cater for adult entertainment instead of trying to capture the teens market in gaming.

"Shove it DICE."

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=BF2G= Member

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Re: BF 3 Latest Updates

Post  =BF2G= Antenna on Sat 01 Nov 2008, 11:49 pm

Hmmm i dont know what to say to that.. no bf 3....
but i think they got some thin else goin on, but im afraid it gonna take some time prob.

Evil or Very Mad

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Re: BF 3 Latest Updates

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